Stockholm, November 20 2019
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Management and Employees

GUDMUNDUR PALMASON (Born 1968) was appointed CEO in May 2016 and was elected to the board of directors by the Annual General Meeting on April 26, 2014.
Education: Candidate of Law, University of Iceland. LLM,University of Miami. MBA, University of Miami.

Other board duties include: Zymetech ehf.,  Urbanista AB, GEAR4, Viss ehf., Fortus hf.,  XOR ehf., SRX ehf., Enzymatica AB, SRX Limited and TLF BV.

JOHAN HEIJBEL (Born 1975) was appointed CFO in May 2016, and was previously Managing Director in AB Novestra since 2006, held also the position of Novestras CFO from 2002 and controller and investment manager since 2001. Prior to that, he was Novestra’s Financial and Accounting Manager on a consulting basis from 1997 when the company was founded. Education: Independent courses in business administration and law at Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law.

Board duties include: Novestra Financial Services AB, Sowntone Ltd., and