Stockholm, September 28 2023
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Management and Employees

GUDMUNDUR PALMASON (born 1968) was appointed CEO in May 2016 and was appointed as a board member by the Annual General Meeting on April 26, 2016.
He is CEO of STRAX AB and Strax Holding GmbH.
Education: Candidate of Law, University of Iceland. LLM,University of Miami. MBA, University of Miami.

Other board duties include: Zymetech ehf.,  Urbanista AB, Verna ehf., Fortus hf.,  XOR ehf., SRX ehf., Enzymatica AB, SRX Limited, TLF BV and RichmondFinch.

INGVI T. TOMASSON (born 1968) is a board member since April 2016, and is CEO of Strax Americas Inc. Education: Diploma in Hospitality Management, FIU.

Other board duties include:
IK Holdings, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Ormsson ehf., and XOR ehf.

JOHAN HEIJBEL (born 1975) was appointed CFO in May 2016, and was previously Managing Director in AB Novestra between 2006-2016 and during that period was also a board member in STRAX. Education: Independent courses in business administration and law, Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law.

Board duties include: Novestra Financial Services AB, Sowntone Ltd., Mobile Accessories Club Ltd, Vestum AB, Urbanista AB and RichmondFinch, and deputy board member in Strax Nordic AB.