The world’s first true wireless earphones powered by light with Powerfoyle™ technology – Urbanista introduces Phoenix

STRAX subsidiary Urbanista, the Swedish lifestyle audio brand, announces the launch of Urbanista Phoenix – the world's first true wireless, active noise cancelling earphones powered by light.

Phoenix is developed by Urbanista together with the Swedish innovation company Exeger.
Their modular Powerfoyle™ solar cells, which can be seamlessly integrated into electronic devices, can convert all forms of light, indoor or outdoor, into clean device-powering energy. The cells are applied to the Phoenix charging case, removing the need for cables or cords altogether. Following the success of the Los Angeles headphones, the world's first self-charging, wireless active noise cancelling headphones which were released in 2021, Phoenix will offer users their first-ever truly wireless earphone experience.

"The commercial success of the Los Angeles headphones confirms the endless potential of this technology and the value it adds to the user experience. With Phoenix, we bring this unique user benefit to the earphone product segment and add another ground-breaking product to the already strong Urbanista portfolio. This is part of our continuous effort to expand our audio product range with innovative products that utilize technologies and functionalities that the consumer market demands," says Gudmundur Palmason CEO of STRAX AB.

Giovanni Fili, founder and CEO of Exeger adds: "Thanks to the Powerfoyle technology, Exeger is in a unique position regarding the powering of cutting-edge audio products. We could not be more excited to be part of launching the world's first true wireless earphones with Urbanista. The success of the Los Angeles headphones proves that users love not having to plug a USB charger into the wall to power their devices. As our ongoing partnership with Urbanista grows, our visions continue to align, producing impeccably designed products that focus on user experience."

In addition, Phoenix’s battery reserve offers an impressive 32 hours of playtime that guarantees you never run out of charge even in low light conditions. The earphones also feature advanced hybrid active noise cancelling technology and noise reduction microphones that filter out ambient sounds so that you can enjoy music and crystal-clear calls without distractions, even in crowded spaces.