STRAX has signed a global exclusive distribution agreement with Aetheris to accelerate sales of their established air pollution face mask brand, Airpop. The distribution agreement is globally exclusive with a five-year duration. The Airpop product range will be brought to market by STRAX in Q3 2020 and the companies are furthermore engaged in an ongoing dialogue for deeper collaboration in the air wearable segment.

Aetheris was founded in 2015 in Shanghai and San Francisco, pioneering the development of the “Air Wearables” category creating intelligent facemasks that filter airborne pollution and contaminants (bacteria, particulate & viral matter – down to PM0.3µm) with optional sensing capability to analyze surrounding air pollution and record data through a proprietary smartphone application.

Each of the Airpop family of products are the result of extensive study into how human beings breathe, with advanced ergonomic fit, lightweight premium materials, and exceptional filtration. They offer un-rivalled comfort and performance and are suitable for ages 7 upwards.

The global size of the face mask market is valued at 4.5B USD and is expected to grow by a CAGR of 24.2 % through 2026.  STRAX already has presence in the consumer wellbeing product category offering both private label products and under its own brand AVO+. Airpop respiratory protection products are a natural complement to the current portfolio STRAX provides its enterprise and retail partners.

“The air wearable product category is here to stay, and we believe the opportunity to be significant. We have seen consumer adoption of face masks become the norm in many Asian countries post SARS and we expect that the far-reaching impact of Covid-19 pandemic will expedite category growth in our Western markets. We furthermore foresee a shift from the current disposable medical mask use by consumers towards more sustainable, technically effective yet stylish and comfortable designs, which is exactly where Airpop fits in. Airpop marries high performance and high style. We are extremely excited with partnering with such a great company as Aetheris and joining their mission to make every breath we take count’’ says Gudmundur Palmason CEO STRAX.

For further information please contact Gudmundur Palmason, CEO, STRAX AB, +46 8 545 017 50.

About Aetheris/Airpop
Aetheris is a global company focused on consumer health and wellness lifestyle solutions. It’s flagship business, AirPop, is the leading consumer air wearable brand in Asia, winning every major international design award since 2016. Aetheris innovates, commercializes and scales product-brand platforms for a global consumer enabled by its cross-border leadership team, technical innovation capability, human-centered design process and advanced manufacturing. Aetheris is headquartered in the US and China and its employees are located in San Francisco, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing.

STRAX is a global company specializing in mobile accessories. STRAX develops and grows brands through an omnichannel approach. STRAX operates two complimentary businesses – Own brands and Distribution (retail and online marketplaces) – where the lifestyle audio brand Urbanista is the flagship along with our licensed brand adidas. Through its retail distribution platform in Europe STRAX represents over 40 major mobile accessory brands, whilst Brandvault focuses on online marketplace distribution globally. STRAX sells into all key channels ranging from telecom operators, mass merchants and consumer electronics to lifestyle retailers and direct to consumers online. STRAX was founded in Miami and Hong Kong in 1995 and has since grown across the world. Today, STRAX has over 200 employees in 12 countries with its operational HQ and logistics center based in Germany. STRAX is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange.