At today’s Extraordinary General Meeting in Strax AB (publ) ("Strax") it was resolved in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal to adopt new articles of association that entails a change of the company’s reporting currency to euro. After the adopted articles of association has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Companies Registration Office will convert Strax’s share capital to euro and Strax will then also resolve to change the articles of association regarding that the share capital shall be stated in euro to complete the change of reporting currency.

Furthermore, the General Meeting resolved in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal to adopt a warrant program and to issue warrants. The warrant program is addressed to the executive management and other employees in Strax. The warrant program comprises in total a maximum of approximately 36 individuals and not more than 4,095,000 warrants may be issued within the framework of the program.

Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for a share in Strax during the period 1 April 2020 up to and including 30 September 2020 at a subscription price corresponding to 130 per cent of the volume-weighted average price of the Strax share on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period 10 days after the Extraordinary General Meeting. If all of the 4,095,000 warrants are exercised, the warrant program entails a full dilution corresponding to approximately 3.5 per cent of the shares and votes in Strax.

Additional information regarding the resolutions of the General Meeting is found in the complete proposals, which are available on the company’s website.

Questions are answered by Gudmundur Palmason, CEO, Strax AB (publ), phone no. +46 8 545 017 50.