Changes in the Board of Directors

Bertil Villard has decided to resign as a Board member and as Chairman of STRAX AB. Bertil Villards ambition is to reduce a long-term high workload. Bertil Villard has been the Chairman of the Board in STRAX since it was listed in 2016, where he has contributed greatly to the company and guided the company through many delicate situations, especially recently during the last few years with great challenges for STRAX.

Ingvi Tyr Tomasson has been appointed the Chairman of the Board following the resignation of
Bertil Villard. Ingvi Tyr Tomasson is the co-founder of STRAX and has served as a Board member since the company was founded in 1995. In addition to the Chairman, the Board consists of Anders Lönnqvist and Gudmundur Palmason.

The Nomination committee is working on the proposal for the Board composition to be elected at the AGM planned for May 2024.

Considering the current size of the business it is likely a three-person Board is a suitable size.

 “Bertil has been a very valued Board member and Chairman in STRAX, and we are thankful for the time Bertil served on the Board,” says Ingvi Tyr Tomasson, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of STRAX.